Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Typewriter Tidbit on Life

Last week I mentioned that at a yard sale I got an old typewriter lesson manual, maybe from the 60's (I could not find a date.) The picture above, which I took from the front page, says it all.

In honor of my sister Paint Girl's new job, her dream job- working with animals, I have chosen this typing lesson to share from the book.

Lesson 47
Measured Typing

1. Too many people seem to be content to spend their time in just carrying out the purpose of others. They work for nothing but the pay; they think more about the pay than the purpose. Give them the pay, and somebody else can have the purpose, for all they care. In this way millions of people live unhappy lives just because they do not have a purpose.

2. You can and should have a purpose of your own. At the same time you can serve the purpose of another and serve it even better. You can still have the pay and yet be working out your own purpose. Remember that all good purposes tend in the same direction and go hand in hand. Decide now that you will have a purpose; then your life will be the richer.

I think this is so true- we've all probably been there at some point in our lives. Often a necessity, a job is a job, but it is not a passion. It does not serve a purpose, other than to make ends meet. I am excited that my sister is finally working a job that is more than just a paycheck to her. I truly believe she is also now using her God-given talent of working with animals.

Is your job your passion in life? Do you think you are fulfilling your purpose? If not, do you think that someday,you might find yourself there?


  1. That is quite the typing lesson! I was fortunate enough to make a midlife career change and am now doing something I felt called to do. I know I am luck to have work that is very meaningful above and beyond a paycheck. Good post!

  2. Much better than "Who moved my Cheese:-)" I used to love my job, but news has evolved into something I don't even recognize any more. Am wondering what is next...

  3. teaching. it is what I have wanted to do since i was about 10. don't think it was another teacher. I just knew that I wanted to have kids and as a mother teaching would be the easiest.

    i fell in love with it while going to Arizona State University. I wouldn't change it for the world. I work, and can still attend all the fun things that my kids do after school.

  4. Look at my little Arab! She looks so pretty!
    I totally agree with what is written, I worked 18 years doing something I was totally miserable at, why did I stay? For the money. When my company went bankrupt, I took it as a blessing. I finally realized that what I really wanted to do with my life, had nothing to do with money, it was now all about making me HAPPY! I just wanted to wake up every morning and be happy about going to work, I have never been able to do that. NOW, I get to be happy, going to a job I LOVE, and no, I am not making a lot of money. But I don't care! I am happy, that is all that matters! Does any of that make sense?

  5. I love what you did with the picture of your Sis and Brandy!!! I am so glad that she got this job I prayed she would find one to use her passion and love in!! My current journey with my retail shop is RIGHT where I want to be!! A lot of sacrifices along the way but it's getting there!

  6. Pony Girl, the things you find interesting these days! Did you find that with me and my Sis recently? It sounds very familiar. Like the shot of Paint Girl, looks like someone has been using PhotoScape! Isn't it FUN!

  7. I agree with photogchic. My job used to be fun and exciting, but it's evolved into something unrecognizable from when I started. I like what I do, and it's challenging, but the corporate environment in which I do it disgusts me. I always have to add "but" — I need and am grateful for my job. Poor Mr. Fry has been so horribly unemployed since the economy went south, we'd be homeless if it were not for my job.

  8. I'm happy with my job. No, not my passion... you don't catch children saying they are going to work for an insurance company when they grow up. But luckily for me, I have a good boss, a job that no one else in my company has, some travel which let's me see the country (and eat at really good places) and benefits enough to support my horse hobby. I think before horses, I was missing something - a passion -- and found it in my hobby. If money were no object, I am sure I'd find something to do with animals. But for now, things are pretty well rounded.

  9. Interesting question.... It's something I have been grappling with recently myself. I have always believed that I had some "purpose" in life, but after spending the past 6 years chasing my dreams and sacrificing my horse adventures to do so, I'm wondering if there isn't another way. What's more important? A job that fulfills you or the financial rewards to play? Unfortunately, I don't have the answer, but I do know that the financial stresses suck the passion for my job out of me.

  10. I can't touch type, I took typing in highschool. In those days we had the selectmatic typewriters with the ball that held all the letters, and the balls were frequently stolen and worn as pendants....
    The teacher stood at the front of the room at a lectern with a small baton in her hand, and she tapped the baton on the lectern and called out.......ffff jjjj ffjj fjfjfj ffff jjjj etc etc.

    The next day I transferred out of her class and have regretted it ever since.

    In my mid 40s with several life altering experiences that have nearly crippled me emotionally I'm wondering myself, where did the hell did "IT" go.

    Where is the career, the life, the finances, the dreams, the hopes, the passions? Is this all there is?

    Thanks for sharing your treasure.

  11. Difficult question. I'm wondering the same thing Michelle is. Do I keep the job that pays the bills and allows me to have my horse? Or chase after working with animals, which would cut my pay in half? I guess it comes down to whether your job makes you so miserable you don't have the energy to enjoy your freetime.

  12. Yes my job is my passion...I am a WAHM taking care of kids, husband, house and our small farm. There is nothing I would rather do and nothing more important in life than those things. Yes financially it is a hardship right now and I am always looking to try things I can incorporate into my being home that will make some extra cash. But the satisfaction of being home with my baby and always there for my family is what is most important.

  13. What a great find! And the "lesson" is so fitting for Paint Girl's new chapter in her life!!!

  14. Yeah, who would have thought that'd be in a typing lesson. Hopefully, students internalized it. I'm doing what I love and I think it's great that Paint Girl found a job she's passionate about!

  15. Brilliant post!!!! Most of what my husband, Brian, and I do is philosophize about this very question. We chose time with Maizie over money a long time ago and I am so happy with our choice. I ride in old tack - my saddle is 29 years old - and I don't have the latest and greatest "things" but I sure am having fun!
    Your typing book is quite a find! Congratulations to Paint Girl for finding her dream job! How sweet of you to celebrate her joy with such a great post!

  16. I really love the job I have now. I have found that bookkeeping/accounting type work is what I am best suited to. We still have our real estate business (specializing in equestrian properties), but John runs that business now. We have found that he is better suited to the real estate than I was, and I am very well suited to my accounting job....

  17. I love your typing lessons. Where do I sign up for the next one?

    Gorgeous photo of Paint Girl and her beautiful pony, too!


  18. {Lisa}~ Actually, I will have a couple more to share, LOL! ;)

  19. I've been pretty fortunate...or cursed, sometimes I am not sure have many passions in life and have held a wide variety of jobs. From training horses to bartending to working with mortgages and appraisals. All interesting and educational in their own way.

    I've never lasted too long at a job I didn't like doing.

    But I guess when it comes right down to it...whatever it takes to keep a roof over the kiddo's head and hay in front of the ponies right?

  20. I am one of the fortunate on this planet, that I get to do what I love to do and what I was born to do. And I make a good living at it. I lack for nothing. Horses are my life, and since I can remember falling in love with them, I've wanted nothing but to spend my days horseback.

    And because I get to spend my days horseback, it also allows me to pursue my passions for photography, art and music.

    Yup, I'm one of the lucky ones.

  21. Unfortunately, my job is not my passion. But it does allow me to enjoy my passion as a hobby. Great typing lesson.

  22. I think sometimes that people work just to make enough money to pay the mortgage and then devote their real time to doing what they love. And then some people really love what they get paid to do, and then come home from work and love more stuff. I am a mixture of these two notions. I know one thing is true: I love that anytime I want to, I can go out to the barn and saddle up my brumby and then go off riding on the trail for hours! Some people have to take vacations to do that! Most days I feel very rich indeed and it has nothing to do with my bank account.
    I loved that typing lesson! It was so deep! Hah! Is that lady ergonomically correct? Her seat looks so low. My bum hurts just looking at her!
    Can't wait for the next lesson!!

  23. Beautiful photo. I remember all those old typing books cause that's how I learned about 35 years ago. Anyway, I guess I did follow my passion working because I worked as a paralegal but now that I'm retired I'm really following my passion of living in the country surrounded by animals. There's nothing better and more fulfilling than following your destiny.

  24. what an awesome post! i especially love that fabulous old typewriter photo!
    let's passion in life? believe it or not, I still have the same dream as i did as a little girl: to be an and to have my own horse. not there yet, but maybe someday...

  25. Wow... that was deep!! Lovin' the Paint Girl photo work. Show us a 'how to' sometime please??

    As for my 'job'... yes, it does reflect my passions. And that has been the same for most jobs I have had in my life. They range enormously and none of them are totally perfect, but each has brought me something important. And my current role - as a Mother, as a Partner/Wife (in that order!), as a Cattlewoman, as a Businesswoman - wrings me dry daily, but fulfils me totally. And can I add Blogger to that list? Cause that adds something special to the mix too...

    My father has worked this place since he was 10 - and I have never seen anyone more content in their job (or harder working) than he.

    Sometimes the answers are closer to home than you think. Who knew typing manuals had so much to offer? (PG that's who!!)

  26. WOw I have alot of catching up to do. Just checking to see if you are posting about some handsome cowboy you have found? he he It's most likely that you have to just weed through all your admirers. Good to visit again.

  27. Paint Girl and Brandy look so awesome!

    I like your little typewriter lesson.


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